Real Benefits of Hiring Public Adjusters

Public adjusters are not associated with insurance companies, and policyholders are able to hire these professionals to assist in their claim negotiations.

Unlike insurance adjusters who work for the insurance companies, public adjusters are independent, and are working for the policyholder. They are also unbiased because they are not affiliated with the insurance company. While insurance adjusters work for the insurance companies, public adjusters work for the policyholder, which means that there is an equal balance of power in the negotiation process. Public adjusters have the authority to make the final decision on the insurance claim.

A public adjuster will prepare a comprehensive list of the policyholder’s property loss. This list will be filed and maintained by the public adjuster, and the public adjuster will then provide a written report to the policyholder that includes the status of the claim.

Since the adjusters are independent, policyholders are able to hire them and do not have to worry about the adjusters being compensated by the insurance company. The public adjuster can be paid monthly, quarterly, or annually.

If you do not feel that your insurance company is fairly compensating the public adjuster, you can also file a complaint with the state Department of Insurance. The state Department of Insurance has authority to regulate insurance companies, and is also in charge of overseeing policies of insurance, insurance commissioner, and the insurance commissioner’s guidelines.

Some insurance companies use a form of negotiation, but this type of negotiation is not part of the public adjuster’s contract. The type of negotiation will not be revealed to policyholders. However, the negotiations are only for the benefit of the policyholder.

Insurance companies are paid based on actual claims that are settled. They are not interested in how quickly you can be reinstated to your home. If you need to hire a public adjuster to deal with a claim, then you will likely be given a lesser settlement. There are public adjusters who are interested in working with policyholders who are able to negotiate the settlement that they are entitled to. There are also public adjusters who are there to make sure the policyholder receives as much money as possible. Insurance companies do not want a claim that will make it difficult for them to recoup their costs.

A public adjuster works with the insurance company and mold removal specialists to get the most fair settlement possible. The insurance company may try to push certain terms as part of the settlement, but they will be rejected. The insurance company’s goal is to make sure the claimant has a good life after a loss. The insurance company wants to pay the loss that is presented, and the claimant should be able to live in the home again. Public adjusters have the benefit of knowing exactly what the insurance company wants. They know exactly what needs to be negotiated with the insurance company, to make sure the claimant is made whole.

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